Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summary of Eddington Report Online Forum

Rob Hudson MP, Parliamentary Secretary, Public Transport provides a summary of the Eddington Report Online Forum held on July 11.

Or here's the transcript, which is a bit more bandwidth-friendly

Today’s online forum has been a great success, more than 200 people registered online and many more followed the discussion online as it unfolded. There were a wide range of views that were expressed and many of them went to concerns about climate change, about the importance of preserving public open space and improving our rail transport network. These views will be important in helping the Government to frame it’s response to the Eddington report and delivering a transport statement by the end of the year. Clearly these issues are critical to the future Melbourne of Melbourne and Victoria. We have major issues around congestion, the challenges of climate change and the importance of providing fast, efficient, reliable and safe transport services across the metropolitan area.

Can I thank those who participated in the forum, thank you for expressing your views and if you want to make a formal submission on the Eddington proposals you can do so by the 15th of July.

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