Tuesday, July 8, 2008

James's Submission

To whom it concern

My name is James, I'm now 13 years of age and I've lived in Kensington all my life. Holland Park is a big part of my life, I use it for playing footy for my team, kicking the footy casually, playing soccer, basketball, barbeques, cricket, going to the Venny, using the playground and going to the pool.

I feel, that if my beloved park has a road tunnel in it, I don't know where I'll go and what I'll do. I go down to Holland park every single day to play sports, What will I do if there is a road tunnel through it? Where will I play sport? Where will EVERYONE in Kensington play sport?

Holland Park is a great place for family, friends and sport, not for road tunnels


p.s I am going down to the park right now to kick the footy and I hope to do that in the future. Please don't take our park

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