Friday, September 18, 2009

At it again...?

Hmm... and here I'd hoped that I wouldn't have to post these sorts of things on this blog again

...IT IS NOT just the motoring lobby group that is concerned. Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive Wayne Kayler-Thomson says Melbourne needs a second cross-town link, a point also made by Daly. ''The delay would have cost Victorian businesses lost time and productivity, particularly in the just-in-time manufacturing, transport and warehousing sectors,'' he says.

''The vulnerability caused by relying on one major east-west link, in Melbourne's case the Monash-CityLink-Westgate corridor, was highlighted by an accident in the Burnley Tunnel in 2007.''

Kayler-Thomson and Daly believe an east-west road tunnel link from the Eastern Freeway to CityLink should again be considered by the Government, which, while not ruling the proposal out, has placed it firmly on its priority backburner....

From Road to Nowhere -

and from today,

...None of these decisions were election commitments. The only time the public became aware was when the new policy was announced.

The Government is also pushing new laws through the Victorian Parliament euphemistically titled the "Major Transport Projects Facilitation Bill 2009" — that will likely mean less community consultation for big new road and rail projects running through communities....

From Brumby so busy he has stopped listening - The Age

Anyone else got that worrying feeling in the pit of their stomach?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Soccer, or trees? Your call

In the City of Melbourne's development strategy for the park, one thing earmarked has been the further development of the area currently used as a soccer pitch (alongside the YMCA/pool and the childcare).

In order for this area to conform with the sport's regulations, a number of long-standing elms will need to be removed, to allow for the require dimensions around the pitch.

This will also fit in with the greater plan of removing the carpark, and replanting with a greater number of more drought-tolerant plants.

Have your say, by contacting the Kensington Association, or City of Melbourne direct.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More new speed humps

To limit the speed of traffic on Childers St (largely comprised of 'rat runners' taking a shortcut through the Lloyd St industrial park) the City of Melbourne has again replaced the speed humps. Originally there were seven bitumen ones. These were then replaced with smaller yellow plastic squares. They've now reverted to bitumen ones, although with a different profile.

These end before Altona Street and so the experience appears to be that cars will rapidly accelerate towards the dog-leg past the train station. If you are a frequent train user, be careful. No word from City of Melbourne regarding any more speed humps further up Childers Street - although they did have a traffic counter there a few months ago.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Autumnal sports

The varied sporting use of JJ Holland Park is in full swing now, with football (Junior, Female and Senior), soccer and, of course, personal training, jogging and dog walking in abundance.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fri Mar 13th - Movie and Fundraiser

“Every year we run an Annual Open Doors Appeal however this year in light of recent tragic events we have decided that in this unique and one-off situation, it is appropriate for monies raised during the upcoming YMCA Open Doors branch appeal be directed to bushfire affected communities for medium to long term rehabilitation. This rehabilitation will not be in the form of bricks and mortar, but rather attempting to rebuild the emotional and physical strength of the individuals, families and communities involved.

Our Appeal has now become The YMCA Open Doors Bushfire Recovery Appeal.

The Kensington Community Recreation is showing its support in the YMCA Open Doors Bushfire Recovery Appeal, by running a Twilight Movie Family Fun Night on Friday March 13th from 6:00pm, where all proceeds go directly to YMCA Open Doors Bushfire Appeal.

Activities Include:

- Twilight Movie (starting at Dusk approx 8:30-9:00pm)

- Jumping Castle

- Pool Inflateable

- Face Painting


- And Much Much more


$5* Per Person

$15* Per Family of Four.

*Price includes all activities, food not included.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Construction continues

It's great to see the improvements in the park continuing. We're still awaiting more work to be done on the KensingTAN running track, and the sports pavillion. However, for the kids, construction continues unabated.

The Venny is getting a brand new building, which should be great for when the weather isn't great. Their current digs aren't huge, nor terribly well appointed. This is looking enormous!

The Kensington Community Childcare Cooperative is half-way through the throws of their refurbishment which, amongst other things, will give them another 40 places, which should provide places for over 70 extra kids (many are part-time).

This is the main entrance currently.

This is the completed new babies room, with playground out the front.

It's great to see the City of Melbourne chipping in, in a big way.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sprawling transport not up to par

A REPORT comparing the public transport systems of 52 cities internationally, commissioned by the State Government, has found that only North American cities have worse access to services than Melbourne.

And the Public Transport Standards Review, completed by respected transport analysts Booz and Co, has found Melbourne's public transport system performs worse than some Australian capitals in principal areas as well.

The report was completed as part of a government transport statement, released last month, and found eastern European cities invested 137 per cent more in public transport per head of population than Melbourne.

Western European cities invested 57 per cent more.

Only North American cities spent less on public transport per person than Melbourne, according to the report.

Melbourne is one of the developed world's most car-dependent cities, and the study sheds light on why: relatively poor access to public transport because the city is so spread out, and travel times 26 per cent slower than the car.

In cities with excellent public transport systems and worse road congestion — including London, Moscow, Rome and Munich — cars are as much as 50 per cent slower than trains or buses.

Western European cities such as Paris, Bern and Rotterdam had up to 13 times more services per urban hectare than Melbourne, which compared badly because of its vast urban sprawl.

Premier John Brumby last month guaranteed that the sprawl would continue, announcing a planned expansion of the city's growth boundaries on the north-west and south-east fringes...

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