Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A little homework

They're claiming they're listening - so make the most of the opportunity.

Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel
The State Government, as a part of the Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel project, are seeking feedback regarding, mainly, the placement of the 'Arden' Station. There are three proposed positions detailed here, none of which is likely to have an impact upon JJ Holland Park, although depending upon the placement chosen, during construction there's likely to be an impact upon Childers Street, and some of the carparks there.

A number of individuals from the community, including members of the Kensington Association Committee, met with the Project Manager and two other key project team members (interestingly, all from the Kensington/Flemington area).

Depending upon the Arden Street Station positioning, and the placement of the tunnel entrance, at this point they could neither confirm nor deny if some houses would need to be acquired. The Kensington Association has asked for more information regarding the possible impact to local residents.

At this point, they have not received a response - however it has been promised. So keep an eye out on the Kensington Association website, and I'll also be sure to post it here. The link above prompts you to make a response with your preferred placement, however we would urge you to wait until the answers regarding impacts on the South Kensington area have been ascertained. We have until Friday, Sept 17th.

City of Melbourne - Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS)
The City of Melbourne is asking for submissions regarding the use and development of land, with respect to growth, as well as accessibility and complementing public spaces, land use and developing an 'eco-city'.

If you would like to have your say - check out the MCC section of the City of Melbourne's website and submit a response. Submissions end Friday, Sept 3rd.