Friday, September 18, 2009

At it again...?

Hmm... and here I'd hoped that I wouldn't have to post these sorts of things on this blog again

...IT IS NOT just the motoring lobby group that is concerned. Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive Wayne Kayler-Thomson says Melbourne needs a second cross-town link, a point also made by Daly. ''The delay would have cost Victorian businesses lost time and productivity, particularly in the just-in-time manufacturing, transport and warehousing sectors,'' he says.

''The vulnerability caused by relying on one major east-west link, in Melbourne's case the Monash-CityLink-Westgate corridor, was highlighted by an accident in the Burnley Tunnel in 2007.''

Kayler-Thomson and Daly believe an east-west road tunnel link from the Eastern Freeway to CityLink should again be considered by the Government, which, while not ruling the proposal out, has placed it firmly on its priority backburner....

From Road to Nowhere -

and from today,

...None of these decisions were election commitments. The only time the public became aware was when the new policy was announced.

The Government is also pushing new laws through the Victorian Parliament euphemistically titled the "Major Transport Projects Facilitation Bill 2009" — that will likely mean less community consultation for big new road and rail projects running through communities....

From Brumby so busy he has stopped listening - The Age

Anyone else got that worrying feeling in the pit of their stomach?