Friday, January 30, 2009

Construction continues

It's great to see the improvements in the park continuing. We're still awaiting more work to be done on the KensingTAN running track, and the sports pavillion. However, for the kids, construction continues unabated.

The Venny is getting a brand new building, which should be great for when the weather isn't great. Their current digs aren't huge, nor terribly well appointed. This is looking enormous!

The Kensington Community Childcare Cooperative is half-way through the throws of their refurbishment which, amongst other things, will give them another 40 places, which should provide places for over 70 extra kids (many are part-time).

This is the main entrance currently.

This is the completed new babies room, with playground out the front.

It's great to see the City of Melbourne chipping in, in a big way.

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