Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lynne Kosky squeezes in for train feedback

PUBLIC Transport Minister Lynne Kosky is on a fact-finding mission - but in circumstances less salubrious than first class to France.

Ms Kosky is squeezing in with Melbourne's sardine train commuters, and says she wants to hear their thoughts.

Yesterday morning, she travelled with peak hour Craigieburn line passengers to Essendon and back, with one commuter telling the Herald Sun she "copped an earful".

"It was absolutely packed. A woman called out to Kosky to ask her a question - but Kosky couldn't get to her to answer it because the aisles were so jammed," he said.

The personal survey comes as the State Government considers bids from six companies vying to operate Melbourne's metro rail system. Ms Kosky travelled to France and Switzerland to look at other operators last November.

Ms Kosky said her mission might extend to buses and trams, but that the "community focus" was now on problems with trains.

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