Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rail Tram and Bus Union submission

Their response - read the whole thing here.

A quote, in regard to the car tunnel :

The RTBU’s view is that the rail solution is of a higher priority than the proposed road solution. The rail proposals will go a long way to resolving commuter traffic congestion on East West road access links including the West Gate Bridge. They will also significantly reduce the pressure for the East West road connection. In this sense if the choice is between the road and rail options then the benefits of the rail solutions would outweigh the benefits of a road only option.

Although, I have no doubt, many people would agree that the rail tunnel should come before the road tunnel, they don't actually suggest the road tunnel shouldn't be built. In fact the "...if the choice is between the road and rail options..." statement is of great concern to me. Given the statements that the State Government are currently providing to the media, suggesting that all of Eddington's suggestions need to be implemented, I see this as potentially an opportunity for the State Government to say to the union "Yes, we'll do ALL of your suggestions, and the road tunnel too, as they complement each other".

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