Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And now everyone... breathe!

At least for a little while, we can relax (marginally).

THANKYOU EVERYONE who sent in a submission.

We know the numbers will be quite large, as there are a number of community and sporting groups who, alone, have submitted over 100 each. We can only hope that they get the message.

But can we 'only hope'? I think not. Did you send your submission to any of the key politicians as well? If not, there is a list of the key emails here, so you might want to send it along to them as well.

According to this article in The Age
Two years on Bracks is gone and the transport plan is in tatters. Brumby is so concerned that he is meeting twice weekly with the six-member transport sub-committee of cabinet. The committee includes Roads Minister Tim Pallas, Public Transport Minister Lynne Kosky, Treasurer John Lenders, Planning Minister Justin Madden and Regional and Rural Development Minister Jacinta Allan.

So they're a good group to focus your attentions upon.

Now that the (cough, cough) 'Public Consultation'* has ended, they can spend the next 5 months spinning as much as they want. Theirs is not an easy sell either, but there's a lot of people who reach for their carkeys without even contemplating alternatives.

And their real spin hasn't even started yet...

*Oh, and I think a few suggestions about how to conduct 'Public Consultation' could also be the subject of a few emails, but I might post about that a little later on. The offer to send in an email, and a single online forum advertised only one week out from the event, does not constitute public consultation.

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