Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bronwyn Pike's submission

Now that all of the submissions are publicly viewable, many have drawn our attention to our local minister, the Hon Bronwyn Pike MP's submission.

General consensus seems to be it's a bit of an each-way bet.

Some edited highlights.

As a local resident as well as a parliamentary representative, I am
very aware that open space is limited and therefore treasured by
inner city residents and its preservation must be a clear focus of
any future works.

Travancore Park, Debneys Park, Princes Park, Royal Park and JJ
Holland Park all provide a range of sporting, recreation and
community facilities which are shared by the thousands of local
residents with the many visitors who are attracted to come to them.
Should a tunnel go ahead it must not reduce the size or amenity of
these vital public spaces.

While some disturbance may be unavoidable during the construction
phase of any tunnel, the community must be provided with
alternative facilities for the activities undertaken in these Parks.
Any damage to the parks must be remediated following
construction, and it would be logical to use the opportunity to
revitalise and renew the community facilities within them at the
same time, with local communities playing a key role in shaping the activity centres for the future.

Take a look for yourself here (pdf)
and draw your own conclusions. I'm not impressed, and I'm going to tell her so.
You might want to do the same yourself :

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