Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tunnel fate uncertain

The Melbourne City Council has overturned its support for the proposed East-West road tunnel.

Councillors last night endorsed a report that advises against the tunnel, proposed by Sir Rod Eddington.

The underground tunnel is part of a transport strategy recommended by Sir Rod Eddington for the State Government, linking the Eastern Freeway to the western suburbs.

Former Lord Mayor, Kevin Chamberlain, says increasing fuel costs make it clear a road tunnel is not the solution to Melbourne's transport problems.

"The Council meeting was a major victory for the inner Melbourne residential and business community who'd been opposed to the East-West link tunnel and linked roads," he said.

"The community will be going back to the council and working with the council to mount a strong case to the State Government for them to have a rethink."

David Ettershank from the Kensington Association, says the council win is only the first step in a long campaign to stop the tunnel from being built.

"We think it's a terrific decision from Council, they've taken a very strategic response in terms of recognising that we need to have an intelligent dialogue involving the community and the State Government to find long term, sustainable transport options," he said.

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