Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bronwyn Pike's response to the Kensington Association

This is the bit where she talks about Holland Park. Read the whole letter here...

...I know that the issue of a road tunnel is a key concern of Kensington residents, particularly as to how it relates to Holland Park. But I also urge you to make your views heard on the other facets of the Eddington Report. I am working hard to ensure that improvements to public transport, bike paths, and removing trucks from residential streets remain the focus of the Government's response to the Report.

I, along with many local residents, have strong views about retaining sites which are environmentally significant or which are important to local communities. I will continue to represent those views at the highest levels of Government.

I will be making a formal submission as part of my contribution to this process, which i will make available to the Kensington Association, and to any individual residents who request a copy.

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