Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sample submission content

Dear East-West Transport Options Review Panel,

I would like to register my oppostion of the proposal to develop an East-West Link car tunnel, as identified in Sir Rod Eddington's report regarding the future of transport in Melbourne.

I am 0pposed to the car tunnel, on the following grounds :

- I think that in the current environmental crises, the last thing any government should be doing is encouraging people to drive more. Indeed, a car-filled tunnel goes against the State Government's own greenhouse gas and sustainability targets.
- The identified budget of the tunnel would be far-better spent in other areas to help solve Melbourne's transport issues. These include public transport (inc. Doncaster link, and increasing frequency of trains on all other lines) as well as creation of more over/underpasses so to aid in not impeding car traffic.
- The proposed use of parkland (Royal Park, and in particular JJ Holland Park) for the construction of the tunnel, and the possibility of the destruction of this parkland for open road culverts to "enhance the driver experience" is obscene, and should never have been suggested.
- The government should look at previous, similar reports, which suggested a much greater focus upon a public-transport focussed solution.

I am conscious that no solution will be quick, and that it will take a lot of time and effort, as well as change in community attitude to reduce current transport issues, however the construction of another road link is NOT a solution which should be undertaken.

Yours faithfully,

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