Monday, November 17, 2008

Kensington Residents go for Greens and NG

Media Release from Kensington Association.

A detailed survey of would-be Melbourne Lord Mayors and Councillors has seen the Kensington Residents Association give the highest marks to two very different tickets: the Greens and the C Melbourne Grow Team of Catherine Ng.

The survey of candidates sought views on a range of key local issues including the controversial Eddington Tunnel proposal, local community, services, traffic and transport and sustainability issues.

“The Assessment Panel was really impressed with the work done by candidates in responding to the survey and we express our thanks to them all” said Association Secretary David Ettershank.

“However in terms of reading the mood of the neighbourhood, the responses ranged from outstanding to abysmal.”

“The two really impressive responses were those of the Adam Bandt led Greens ticket and Catherine Ng’s C Melbourne Grow team. Both of these teams showed a level of detail and sophistication that genuinely impressed the judges.”

“The responses of the Will Fowles-led Fresh Vision Team and the Peter McMullin-led For Melbourne’s Future also rated strongly.”

The Panel’s lowest marks went to the Robert Doyle led Activate Melbourne ticket.

“Robert Doyle has a proud history of service to the Victorian public but his team’s response was extremely poor in terms of local priorities” said Mr Ettershank.

Candidates will have the opportunity to speak directly to the electors of Kensington with a candidates meeting at 7.30 PM on the 17th of November at the Holy Rosary Primary School, Gower St Kensington.

A summary of the panel’s assessment is attached and a full copy of the assessment along with scanned copies of the survey responses can be found on the Kensington Association website

For further comment contact David Ettershank, Secretary Kensington Association on 0418 519 892.

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