Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Have faith in the process..." : Bronwyn Pike

Many times, friends of, as well as other Kensington and Melbourne residents, have heard Bronwyn Pike ask us to "Have faith in the system", or "Have faith in the process", with respect to the State Government's forthcoming Transport Strategy.

She brought John Brumby for a stroll through JJ Holland Park, to get some pix taken [cough, cough... errr] show him what was at stake.

When the Stage Government's Transport Policy Secretary, Pat Love, resigned a few weeks ago, over his committee's decision to support all of the recommendations in the Eddington Report, she said we should "Have faith..."

And this morning, I read this in the Sunday Age

...Education Minister Bronwyn Pike has risked her political future by backing the road tunnel, which will run through the heart of her Melbourne electorate.

Nice one Bron. We hope you enjoyed your stay in state politics. Bye bye! Tell her yourself at

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