Thursday, November 6, 2008

Absence makes for a distant memory for Peter McMullin

HOW soon they forget. Melbourne mayoral hopeful Peter McMullin has glossed over his Geelong and Barwon Heads connections in his election material.

Cr McMullin, as he is technically known until the end of this month, is considered a favourite to take the City of Melbourne top job.

But while he has referred in his election flyer to his former post as deputy lord mayor of Melbourne, he has not mentioned that he is also a former mayor of Geelong.

Cr McMullin has made a point of mentioning he is a resident Melbourne although he was quoted telling another newspaper early last month he had moved to Melbourne from Barwon Heads about two months ago.

"Like you, I'm a local resident," Cr McMullin told the voters of the City of Melbourne in his flyer.

"I also work in the city (as a senior consultant at a national law firm) and understand the importance of encouraging a strong local economy."

A spokesman for Cr McMullin said yesterday the former Geelong mayor had indeed moved to Melbourne but he still had a love of Barwon Heads.

"Cr McMullin is very proud of his role at the City of Greater Geelong," the spokesman said.

"Depending on how much space we have available on material dictates the amount of Cr McMullin's previous roles and interests that we are able to communicate to the voters."

The spokesman pointed to Cr McMullin's website, which he said had more space to tell the full story.

However a scan of found the following reference to his council experience.

"As a former Melbourne councillor and deputy lord mayor, Peter knows how council works and understands the changes that need to be made to make it work better for all who live, work and visit Melbourne," the website says.

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In addition to him only recently moving to Melbourne, many Barwon Heads residents were less than impressed with his stance on the issues raised in

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