Sunday, November 16, 2008

Doyle tops poll as lord mayoral race turns dirty - TheAge

FORMER Liberal leader Robert Doyle and Greens lawyer Adam Bandt are the most popular choices to become Melbourne's next lord mayor, according to a Sunday Age readers' poll.

Violence in the city, traffic congestion and making Melbourne more environmentally sustainable were the biggest challenges facing the city, along with public transport, according to the poll of more than 1000 readers.

One in four said that if they could vote in the election, which is limited to residents and businesses in and around the CBD, they would vote for Mr Doyle, the mayoral election's highest-profile candidate. Another 20% nominated Mr Bandt. Current councillor Catherine Ng came third on 14%. The survey showed a strong gender distinction, with nearly a quarter of women choosing Mr Bandt and 34% of men keen on Mr Doyle.

The poll also found that people were only moderately interested in the mayoral race and that most readers believed John So to have been a good (33%) or fair (36%) mayor...

Read the whole article in my bold.

I've gotta say, I'm really disappointed in The Age with this semi-beat-up. They've polled people outside of the City of Melbourne electorate, which potentially has close to no relevance at all.

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