Sunday, July 1, 2012

Abbot pledges to fund 30% of East-West link tunnel

So there.  He's said it.
TONY Abbott will today promise to spend $1.5 billion to kick-start the East West Link tunnel if he becomes prime minister.

The $5 billion tunnel is expected to carry 100,000 vehicles a day and transform Melbourne's transport network by providing a new cross-town route.Mr Abbott's pledge gives the green light to Victoria's most significant road project.
The announcement gives him the jump on the Gillard Government which was expected to announce funding later this year.
In an effort to boost his stocks in Victoria, Mr Abbott has promised federal money for the 18km link.
"I'm proud that an elected Coalition government in Canberra will help Ted Baillieu deliver a vital road project that will speed up the trip to and from work, that boosts productivity and means more time at home with family," Mr Abbott told the Herald Sun.
The link between Eastern Freeway and Western Ring Rd also needs money from the Victorian Government and private sector, which seems likely to mean it will be tolled.
Premier Ted Baillieu welcomed Mr Abbott's pledge.
"The Victorian Government considers the east-west link a priority project that will transform Melbourne in a way we have not seen since CityLink was completed," he said...

So where to from here?  Let them know how you feel.  Or do you want yet another road like the above to be built,  filling and choking within months, weeks or even days.

Yes, the Federal Government should fund infrastructure.  But certainly not more roads.

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