Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Herald Sun : Labor turns anti-tunnel

It appears they've listened...

LABOR leader Daniel Andrews has declared his opposition to the Baillieu Government's proposed east-west road tunnel.
The idea, which had won the backing of Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, would not solve Melbourne's traffic congestion, Labor said.
Mr Andrews' opposition to the project quashes what could have been a major point of difference between Labor and the Greens in the upcoming Melbourne by-election...
A spokeswoman for Mr Andrews last night said the Baillieu Government's proposal was very different to what had been mooted previously.
"This is a grand hoax that will do nothing to ease Melbourne's congestion," spokeswoman Manika Naidoo said. "We absolutely don't support it."
Ms Naidoo said the Baillieu Government's proposal would only redirect traffic congestion, not solve it.

 Read more here - http://m.news.com.au/VIC/pg/0/fi1699353.htm

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