Thursday, August 14, 2008

Transurban to pursue $100m over tunnel |

Clay Lucas

CITYLINK operator Transurban has told the Brumby Government it would be eligible for up to $100 million in compensation for lost traffic revenue if Sir Rod Eddington's proposed $9 billion east-west road tunnel proceeds.

Premier John Brumby will announce a transport statement in late October, and is believed to support Sir Rod's proposed road tunnel, which would run from Footscray to Clifton Hill. But under contracts signed with the Kennett government in 1995, Transurban can seek compensation from the government if new projects take business — cars and trucks — from CityLink.

Sir Rod's proposed tunnel would travel from Footscray to CityLink before surfacing near Royal Park. It would go underground again before surfacing in Clifton Hill at the Eastern Freeway entrance.

The road would be an alternative route to CityLink and would likely result in a loss of revenue for Transurban...

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Hmm... Let's not forget that many people's reading of Page 75 of the engineering report underlying the Eddington report also says that the tunnel would surface at J.J. Holland park " enrich the driver experience...", not just at Royal Park as the author suggests.

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