Thursday, August 7, 2008

Monster truck plan by government for Victorian roads

John Ferguson

August 07, 2008 12:00am

SOME of the world's longest freight trucks would dominate Victoria's highways under a State Government plan.

The Government is looking at the benefits and risks of allowing controversial B-triple trucks and road trains on the roads.

Under the strategy, the B-triples -- at up to 36m long and weighing 82 tonnes -- would become common as part of the fight against road congestion and freight bottle-necks.

The Government will spell out its plans for the giant vehicles -- prime movers hauling three trailers -- before the end of the year.

But the move is certain to alarm some motorists. Some of the longest trucks are the length of at least eight Toyota Corollas.

They would be most common on divided roads, but would also use local roads to collect freight...


"(Roads) Minister Pallas should be engaging in extensive and well-publicised community consultation before permitted routes for B-triples are considered for extension," he said.

"Many Victorians may believe that upgrading of interstate and intrastate rail lines may be a safer, more productive and cheaper alternative."

A spokesman for Mr Pallas said the study of high-performance vehicle use in Victoria had not finished.

"This plan will be released in November and will respond to transport priorities across the state," he said.

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