Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TheAge - Government fixated on the costly east-west link

The State Government has earmarked funds in its budget for the (next) required study to be made for the East-West road link.
Completely ignored is the far more cost-effective option of a rail line to Doncaster up the middle of the Eastern Freeway, which could take far more commuters right into the city where most want to go while reducing congestion and probably at greater speed with less stress. Two studies by the previous government failed to make a case for the new link. In fact, a cost benefit study showed that every dollar spent on the link would return benefits (social, economic and financial) of only 50¢ Read more:
Federal Member for Melbourne, Adam Bandt, has scheduled a public meeting tonight at the Dan O'Connell (which could be at risk if the East-West link was to go through. Details here on facebook.

The Kensington Association also have a sizeable proportion of their home page currently dedicated to the topic.

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