Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Core sampling for the Metro tunnel

Well, with all of the talk of the State Government putting their hand up for some Infrastructure Australia cash, it seems that they're doing some digging of their own to see what's what.

Last year, when the Brumby Government was looking at the potential of the first stage of the Metro tunnel going though (from South Kensington, to Domain) there was some cash to, yes, create a report.  I'm not sure if this is part of that report, or something subsequent to that, but it's core sample time!

This is the first carpark next to South Kensington Station.  If they were to follow the previous plan, they would likely be digging an open tunnel up until around this point, where it should be deep enough to continue its journey downwards into a fully-fledged tunnel, under the continuation of Childers Street and the properties thereon.

Of course, to tunnel there, it's actually best if it's some type of rock.  Counterintuitively, if it's nice soft stuff, it can cause problems with it collapsing, and after construction, the tunnel could actually 'float' and push its way skyward, which would require counterweighting measures etc. etc.

Now, seeing how that prior to being a park, the JJ Holland area was largely a swamp - it'll be interesting to see what they find.

In any case - not sure if this is just that previous project, or if this is any sort of indication to the next step for some tunnel plans.  Perhaps, they thought they should finish the last one before they can get the money for the next? ;)

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