Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stage One of the BMX track refurbishment complete

Previously, we informed you of the City of Melbourne's intentions to raise the standard, and therefore the use of, the BMX track within JJ Holland Park.

This was to be done in two stages - first, reduce any safety issues the track currently has. Secondly, look at the viability of a redesign/repurpose.

It is pleasing to see that they've incorporated a number of the suggestions from the public meeting into their first stage - they've made the track safer, and incorporated feedback regarding the shape of jumps, and the diameter of berms.

Notice the compacted top, and the lip. (Unfortunately, this kid didn't see this as a feature. Thankfully, after I chastised him a few times, his dad came across from watching the footy and did the same).
Tighter radius turns - makes a speedy approach to jumps
Instead of mounds, there are now kickers.

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