Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Funds may be uncertain, but the need to proceed is definite - TheAge

Marc Moncrief

JOHN Brumby's $38 billion plan to redesign Victoria's transport system depends on Federal Government money that is unbudgeted, uncertain and — as far as the public knows — uncommitted.

Delivering the much-awaited plan yesterday, Brumby said he would need $13 billion from the Federal Government over 12 years to clear Melbourne's streets, link the city's major road arteries and boost capacity on the state's rail system.

Tunnel vision for Brumby's billions

Victorian Premier John Brumby announces $38 billion transport plan, with tunnels getting priority

The figure includes $2.8 billion in money already promised by the Commonwealth and an additional $10.2 billion in money hoped for from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's Building Australia Fund.

It is not the first time the $10 billion figure has been floated, and it is a figure that comes with some controversy.

The state has been pressuring the Commonwealth for a commitment of at least $10 billion since federal Treasurer Wayne Swan publicly questioned whether the global financial crisis would allow the Government to deliver on its promise of $40 billion to invest in transport, health and education....

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Funny that when I clicked on the video (above), it ran an ad for GM Holden.

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