Monday, October 13, 2008

Rudd government's spending list

...The PM is looking for nation-building projects that have social and environmental as well as economic benefits.

He has fast-tracked this process so that Infrastructure Australia has a priority list by year's end.

The ideal would be a reduction in greenhouse gases, improved quality of life, increased productivity, increased competitive advantage and the development of cities and regions.

A perfect starting point is Sir Rod Eddington's east-west road tunnel.

Sir Rod also chairs the Infrastructure Australia panel, but undoubtedly will ensure the independence and integrity of the selections for government approval.

In any case, the strategic east-west tunnel project for Melbourne has long had the strong support of the RACV and Victoria's corporate sector.

It ticks all of Mr Rudd's boxes.

It will combat urban congestion and cuts greenhouse gases by ensuring smooth east-west traffic flows.

It will develop the western suburbs, which have fallen behind other parts of Victoria in job creation.

Another project that fits Mr Rudd's criteria includes Eddington's east-west rail tunnel between Footscray and Caulfield, which will take the pressure off Melbourne's public transport system, unclog our roads and reduce greenhouse gases.

Then there's completion of the Frankston bypass, which can be done fairly quickly...

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I'd expect nothing less from Wayne Kayler-Thomson, the CEO of the Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI). (*sigh*)

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